Running Log: March

Personally, March is my favorite month. It’s Pisces season, it’s my birthday month and it’s (usually) the start of spring weather. Plus, you’ve got the excitement of March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day and so many other fun moments in the month. March also had five Saturdays — so my mileage looks extra impressive. I’ll take it.

March Mileage: 41.5
YTD: 86.5
2019 Goal: 200 miles

With the extra daylight, it was fun to sneak in a few evening runs on the trails. Although, most of this month’s miles were still happening on the treadmill.

At one time, the treadmill was a purchased we were concerned about — would we use it? would it just take up space? This winter has proved it’s worth every penny. My longest run (7 miles!) happened on the treadmill this month… while I watched two episodes of the new season of Queer Eye to make the time go by faster. So good.

This month I’ve also comes to terms with the fact my diet could use some attention. I hit my heaviest weight this year at the beginning of February. It’s been about 8 weeks, but i’m down 6 pounds, although not yet where I want to be heading into summer. I’ve never been one to stick to a specific diet, especially diets that are limiting in food choices.  Recently,  I purchased “Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow” because I wanted an athlete’s take on how to be more conscious in fueling my body. Just over a week of using the recipes, I’m hooked.

I’d say it’s more similar to a “whole 30” diet, where you focus on cutting out sugars and unnecessary ingredients. So far, our favorite recipes from the book are:

  • “Superhero Muffins” (Apple/carrot/walnut/oats/raisins, made with Almond flour and keep me very full in the morning)
  • White Bean Tuna Salad (Before this, my go-to tuna salad features mayo)
  • Turkey Trot Meatballs (again, with Almond flour, we were super impressed by these)
  • Beet/Blueberry Smoothie (Cooking with beets is new to me; this smoothie hid the taste with cocoa power and peanut butter)

If you’re interested in the book, I’ve linked it in my March favorites blog, here.

Happy cooking! And Running!

Your pal,

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